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Use Cases

XOOO focuses primarily on the creation of Smart Products

and Components.

The following examples show you possible areas of application for XOOO.

 These Use Cases should inspire you if you could also implement projects in your own ranks with XOOO. Our experts will be happy to consult you on this. Simply contact us.

Industry 4.0 

The next industrial revolution requires faster production cycles. With conventional cyclically based systems it is - apart from the costs - almost impossible to achieve this generation leap. New products for industry should be able to cope with both: Event-based processes for real-time processing or extremely accurate time stamps and, of course, fast cyclic processing of processes.Compare PLC development - XOOO development: XOOO cycles can be handled in the small microsecond range and this on the basis of an ISO 26262 certified RTOS.


Digital Components

New business models are required for digital components. For example, billing based on their use. All this must of course be handled in a comprehensible and secure manner. With XOOO, the entire process and also the component itself can be developed: Cloud Service, Hard-Real-Time System and all associated applications. The installation of digital components in the actual product should of course be simple, flexible and possible without the intervention of the component manufacturer.

Digital Products

The complexity of developing digital products is increasing daily. Keywords are Native Cloud, Microservice oriented Architecture, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Mobile Apps, Augmented Reality and many more. The development of these components requires different programming languages and also model-based development tools: C, Simulink, Matlab, C#, Java, Go and many more. XOOO makes it possible to solve all these requirements in one language: BPMN 2.0 in a graphical way. The digital product can be developed with a mix of domain-specific experts, thus reducing complexity and speeding up the process. 

Car, train, household appliance, ...

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E-Mobility will accompany us in many areas of life over the next few years, be it for cars, trucks, bicycles, motorcycles and many other means of transportation. To score points not only with the energy efficiency of such means of transportation, it will be essential in the future to offer additional services as well. XOOO supports these projects in all areas, be it firmware development, the corresponding apps and of course the development of the necessary cloud services.

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