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Konrad Zuse with the first computer "Z1"  
Quelle: dpa

Come and use your talent and find a place with us.

We love innovators we are innovators!

To support the increasingly complex requirements for Smart Product Development, we have made it our mission to develop new tools, make them available to our customers, provide support and show you with best practices how to develop perfect products with XOOO.

If you feel addressed contact us. We are pleased about your support.

See open roles:

XOOO Mechatronic Designer

To develop XOOO firmware for drones, vehicles, robots and much more, mechatronic know-how is required. If you have this knowledge, XOOO can help you design and advise our customers on incredible solutions.

please contact us. 

XOOO Embedded Development

XOOO has abstracted all hardware interfaces such as GPIO, SPI, I2C and much more. This should now be rolled out to other microchip, Infineon and also other microcontrollers. Interested?

please contact us. 

ISO 26262 Certification 

We are in the process of pre-certification for ISO 26262, which will allow our customers to certify their smart products more easily and quickly. If you are interested in this topic, please contact us. 


Training videos, building demos and documentation are the pillars of a successful use of XOOO. Contact us if you would like to contribute your ideas and experience.

please contact us. 

XOOO Solution Designer

An XOOO solution consists of several components: Firmware, App & Cloud Services. There is no need to worry about technical (programming) details. If you are interested in developing solutions for customers or consulting.

please contact us. 

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