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  • Which technical requirements must be met in order to develop software applications with XOOO?
    The Designer is available for Windows, macOS and Linux. After the download you can immediately start developing. NO additional tools are necessary!
  • What skills are required to develop software in XOOO?
    It depends on the project! Generally speaking, the team should include people who have an idea of what is to be achieved and people who know the details, user interface, electronic, cloud, ... The XOOO Designer is so simply constructed that even non-experts can develop software.
  • App development for iOS and Android is usually a complex matter. How does XOOO simplify this?
    In XOOO you develop functionalities, classes and user interfaces. These can then be displayed natively or on the web on different platforms. For iOS and Android, the processing for the entire life cycle is mapped in XOOO Designer. You do NOT need any additional tools to bring an app into the App Store.
  • Can the functionality of mobile apps for iOS and Android be changed without adding a new version to the App Store or Google Play Store?
    XOOO supports this requirement with its basic technology. Since nothing is compiled and nothing is programmed, it is allowed to change process configurations and the user interface afterwards. Thus, XOOO can also be used to develop user-specific mobile applications.
  • Why is XOOO so fast - compared to other Low Code Platforms?
    The goal was to achieve the fastest execution time of process models on the market. Because of this, every line of code was checked several times from the beginning to achieve the optimum in execution time. The advantages are many: The XOOO Runtime is very small, requires very little memory and very little CPU time. Contact us
  • How do you test XOOO software applications?
    XOOO provides all possibilities to test the software in a modelled and automated way. Testing is a component of the XOOO deployment process. This can be designed individually.
  • XOOO software does not have to be compiled, what are the possibilities?"
    User interfaces and process models can be updated DURING execution, either individually or in combination. This ensures that no downtime of a software application occurs. The advantage is that a change to the software application has the smallest size in the deployment.
  • Microservice oriented software development is on everyone's lips - how can this be developed in XOOO?
    XOOO is available as a docker container. The scaling of this can be done in a Kubernetes cluster. The huge advantage is that technically speaking there is only 1 container and the functionality is imported during runtime via process models.
  • Can I also develop software with XOOO as a non-expert?
    YES! The XOOO Designer was developed especially for the needs of non-experts. EVERYONE should have the possibility to develop software in the future. The software can be developed completely graphically. No programming knowledge is required!
  • Why was BPMN 2.0 chosen as modelling method?
    BPMN 2.0 was designed for NOT software developers and is a worldwide accepted ISO-certified standard for the representation of processes!
  • How can XOOO be extended with your own functionalities?
    XOOO has been developed with openness in mind. It is very easy to develop process elements in different languages (C, C++, Java, .net and many more). Own user controls can also be easily developed in C++ or for the web.
  • What are the main advantages of XOOO over common low code platforms?
    With XOOO any software requirement can be solved: From the cloud service, to the mobile app, to the embedded controller. XOOO is several hundred times faster in process execution than BPMN and low code tools. XOOO is much smaller, requires very little RAM and has NO dependencies on runtimes like JAVA or .net.
  • What advantages does XOOO offer in the development of embedded controllers?
    Embedded development is complex and intricate. It is very, very difficult for laymen to develop something for this area. With XOOO it is possible for the first time to develop software in this extremely important environment without being a C software developer. Also controllers for IoT, Smart Building, Industry 4.0 can be modeled on the basis of BPMN 2.0 process models. Products are finished faster. The compilation is completely omitted, so the system can be adapted extremely quickly during development. And the development is runtime environment independent: The type of the microcontroller and also the manufacturer can be changed during the development phase! Only the pin configuration needs to be changed.
  • Why was XOOO developed?
    To simplify software development and make it accessible to people who do not have the necessary training (Citizen Developers). To develop software faster. To simplify and improve the life cycle of hardware and software products


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