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No-Code Platform Components

These components will help you to realize your projects.

How does it work? 

The XOOO platform allows an extremely simplified software development in 3 manual steps: Graphical modeling of requirements in BPMN 2.0, configuration of these models and writing the tests. The build of the software and also the deployment is fully automated. The software is also automatically documented.




The XOOO IDE is an app that supports the entire life cycle of a smart product.

The XOOO IDE is executed natively. Developed in C++.  Windows, Linux and MacOS versions are already available. The XOOO Designer was developed for Windows, macOS and Linux. Your project team can develop on different operating systems. The software definition is stored locally and can easily be pushed into a version management system. So you know where you store your intellectual property. Poor latency or no Internet availability does not affect your work.






This part of the platform helps you to design function for the backends

process design.png

BPMN 2.0 Designer


Software development in XOOO is based on BPMN 2.0 - a globally recognized ISO-certified standard. 

The designer was primarily developed for a perfect user experience. Starting the Designer, loading solutions, the Just-in-Time Validator and many more can be used without annoying waiting times. This also applies to large projects.

Smart Validation


During the entire software development phase, all essential configurations of process models and user interfaces are continuously validated. This always ensures that everything is correctly defined.

Automated process layout


The perfect representation of a process is provided by XOOO. The processes always look equally perfect. This equality ensures that different people can work on the same process.

Smart Configuration Assistant


With the Smart Configuration Assistant you have easy access to functions, variables and much more at all configuration levels.

BPMN Designer

Smart Model Updater


If process models change or new ones are developed, they are transferred directly to the development runtime environments after successful automated validation. No compilation, no restart necessary.

Unit and Integration Tests


The XOOO Designer allows you to model unit and integration tests in a very simple way. These tests are executed automatically before the microservices, apps or firmware are created. No additional tools are required.

Extensive Process Element Library 


XOOO already offers more than 75 process elements as standard, which leave nothing to be desired. Process elements for BPMN 2.0, data manipulation, embedded development and much more are already included. For you as a software developer it is not important during the development phase on which platforms the software runs, the process is essential.


XOOO User Interface



This part of the platform helps you to design amazing interfaces. 

What are you waiting for?



Hire us and start your project.

UI Designer

Native & OS Independent User Interface Development


The integrated user interface designer allows you to develop excellent user interfaces. These can later be made available for desktop, apps and web apps. Again, everything happens in a graphical way, no coding necessary

Smart User Interface Updater


If the user interface is changed in the designer, this change is also made in the simulator XOOO SHOW. This reduces the effort of user interface development by up to 90 %! It is also possible to attach multiple devices during development, so you can develop on Android and iOS simultaneously, for example.

Extensive component library


XOOO already offers more than 70 user controls as standard, which leave nothing to be desired. Standard elements, data grid, layout, charts and much more.


XOOO Executables


To create XOOO executables, using the XOOO cloud is the easiest way to create apps, microservices and firmware for microcontrollers from the pre-built components.

Dynamic Runtime


The XOOO Dynamic Runtime is the container for executing process models. The XOOO Dynamic Runtime runs on different operating systems. Several XOOO process containers are connected via XNET (XOOO Multi Communication Type Technology). This enables distributed process execution. The XOOO Runtime also runs on microcontrollers that do not have an operating system. The XOOO Runtime is very small and can be easily integrated into existing software.



XOOO Executables and the dynamic runtime run on different operating systems:


  • Windows

  • Linux

  • macOS

  • iOS

  • Android

  • Microcontroller

  • Embedded Linux like RaspBerry Pi or BeagleBone Black

Cloud Native


XOOO is also available as a docker container and can thus be used in a Kubernetes cluster.

Distributed Processes


XOOO makes it possible to distribute the execution of individual call activities to other XOOO Engines during process execution.

Multi Communication Types


With XOOO processes can be distributed over 

  • TCP/IP

  • Serial Bus

  • UART

  • CAN

Small Size


The XOOO Dynamic Runtime was developed in an extremely resource-saving manner. Every byte was checked to save space. The result is fantastic: on a microcontroller, the XOOO Runtime requires only 40 KB.

High Speed


The XOOO Runtime lets processes run a hundred times faster than standard process execution engines. Every instruction that is executed on the CPU has been checked in this area.

Native Apps


XOOO apps are the native apps container of an XOOO application. They can be made available via the Google Playstore, macOS Store or similar. XOOO Apps are also small and have the XOOO Runtime embedded

If you would like to learn more about XOOO technology - please contact us 

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