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Smart Products better_

The universal, 

100 % code-free and

technology- and 

architecture independent

platform for development and

execution of software solutions.


Model your Smart Product and bring it to life – Fully Automated. No-Code.

Equipped with powerful process execution technology and an easy-to-use development platform for design and function, it is possible to develop any smart product without code. You do not need a profound knowledge of programming languages.


With XOOO you develop more transparent, faster and more cost effective than ever before.


Many companies in various industries have plans for digital products. With the variety of current programming languages and tools, it is difficult to make the right decision for implementation. One thing is certain: it is always a mix of several programming languages and tools.


The costs and the intransparency of software development with the current tools are huge. Also the (communication) gap between product and software developers is often enormous. The development of smart products thus becomes a high-risk project.


This is where XOOO technology comes into play: the gap between the players is closed by an easy-to-read, ISO-certified graphical modelling method. All information is easily accessible to a solution. XOOO can support development from requirement engineering to deployment. With XOOO it is easy to develop Smart Products.


Unlimited possibilities for software development without code.

Smart Products

Control, program and connect digital product and smart IoT devices 

Smart Factory

Program PLC & SCADA devices for factory automation solutions



Model the program of the microcontroller and let the firmware be generated automatically

Integratend extend Apps

Extend and integrate legacy apps, such
Business Applications

Custom Applications

Build custom applications and native UIs

Building Smart Products & Components



Rapidly create a prototype 



Automatic documentation 



XOOO Benefits

Here is a summary of the key benefits


written in

Super fast execution, available on all platforms and MCU (C99). MISRA C Compliance

Ultra Lightweight

BPMN engines less than 200 KB Flash Memory on MCU




Virtualized and fully distributed across platforms

Cloud Native



High-performance Data Transfer


5 points

that make your projects successful  

Makes Microcontroller development easier

Fast Microcontroller Prototyping and Development for series



Established tools in the embedded world, such as Simulink or programming languages like C are reserved for only a few experts. With XOOO it is possible for the first time to run defined processes on microcontrollers in an easy-to-read graphical modelling mode. The generated firmware is MISRA C compliant and can also be delivered with an ISO 26262 certified RTOS. The tasks to be executed are easily configured in the modeling.


Even as a non-programmer, you can realize ideas within a few hours that would normally require complex organizational processes in a company.


With XOOO you can configure whether processes should be executed dynamically or time-critically. With the Dynamic variant, you can run BPMN models on different environments without compilation.


Digital product development does not stop at the microcontroller, but continues with user tools, applications, web portals and cloud services. These can also be developed in XOOO Designer. In this way, entire ecosystems can be developed to create added value for your customers with products created with XOOO.



Graphical modeling instead of coding


 ISO certified

ISO certified modeling standard BPMN 2.0



Modelled test automation



Extensive component libraries for user interface and functionality


Full Stack

MCU, App & Cloud Development (Full Stack) with one modeling language

“By 2024, low-code
application platforms will be responsible for 65% of all application 
development activity“

“We found that the graphical design description is better than the textual in

promoting active discussion between developers and improving the Recall of design details.“

Univ. Prof. PD Dr. Kathrin Figl - Research 

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Why did we develop XOOO?

"Everyone can be a developer"

The software development process is becoming more and more complex, intransparent and expensive. Code is difficult to maintain and specialists are missing everywhere. 

Our team of developers, architects, designers, process managers and electrical engineers decided to change this part of the IT. We are convinced that fast and cost efficient digital product development can only succeed if we create a tool that allows many people of different professionalities to develop software products. With Xooo teams create the connection between different skills.

"Everyone can be a developer." 

A sentence that Gartner also took up and helped to create the great vision of IT.

At this place we would like to thank our mentors and advisors from science and research who accompany and support us to enable software development for a large group of people.


Progress can only be advanced if old structures are broken up and sometimes even destroyed to make room for new ones. We are aware that this does not always meet with sympathy. Nevertheless we convince even our strongest critics and those who fear change. 

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