With Xooo, you can build native apps for smartphones, tablets, desktops, and even cloud & edge easily than ever before without any coding.

Build native Apps for Smartphones, Tablets & Desktop

Design and development in one platform


With the Xooo Designer you can create beautiful native apps. The Xooo technology makes it possible for the first time to adapt these apps to the current conditions during development or even during real use. New or changed functionalities can be partially delivered with the integrated deployment options.



Design you processes in BPMN 2.0, design your user interfaces with the integrated WYSIWG Designer.



Configure the models and user interfaces to run.



Deploy your application at the push of a button. Xooo runs everywhere. Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android and even on Microcontrollers. 

Build Cloud & Edge Services

In order to be able to quickly adapt services - regardless of whether they run in the cloud or locally - Xooo enables them to be easily developed on the basis of models and then made available in the cloud with the integrated provisioning options. No downtime. And if you wish, you can also make the Xooo Engine available in a container (e.g. Docker).

Embedded Development. Reinvented.

STM 32, Raspberry Pi, BeagleBone Black, STW ESX 3XL, ...

It is easy to build smart products


With Xooo you can develop applications for devices for the first time without the cumbersome compile - flash process. With only one flash process, the Xooo operating system is applied on the microcontroller or embedded Linux and from this point on you can use various communication options such as CAN, Bluetooth, TCP/IP to provide new models, modify existing models and delegate tasks there. A variety of Behaviors, such as CAN, SPI, Digital I/O and much more - are available for Microcontroller and Embedded Linux.

The Xooo technology also enables you to develop human machine interfaces in a few simple steps, which you can then use for industrial products, healthcare, automotive or similar applications.

Create Human Machine Interfaces (HMI).

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